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Why writing?

What’s Your Why?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS? I have. Especially right now. I posted a while ago at Jami Gold’s fantastic blog with some tips on how to get a handle on your schedule — it’s a good reminder for me in this season of life right now, when it’s hard to find […]

Writing Tips

The Curse of the Overwriter

Have you visited yet? If not, head over there now! Jami Gold is an author of Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance, but not only that, she’s got a great blog with tons of writing tips for authors! I was thrilled to guest blog on her site about something that used to be very near […]

Thinking about Writing a First Draft

How Writing the First Draft is like Paying Down a Mortgage

I recently got back from a four-day writing retreat, focused on writing the first draft of my new book, Traveler. The retreat was very Thoreau, except with wine and friends and lots of girl talk. It was amazing. Not just because of the free writing time, with no obligations other than to myself and my […]

Writing Advice for Authors of Women's Fiction

Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.

“Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed.” ~ Red Smith If you’ve been a writer for any length of time, you’ve heard this advice and then some. So what more could I tell you about writing? First Please, please, please don’t actually open up your veins and bleed to get a story […]

Cruising Writers Writing Retreats

A Writer’s Cruise? Who could say no? Money is an issue, you say?This is the best value you’re ever going to find. Sure, you get unlimited food, the beautiful ship, pools, gambling, shows. You get the destinations and shore excursions. You may even get a towel elephant on your bed at night. But let me tell you about what you […]