After witnessing the effects of a serial killer’s attack on her two college roommates and having to bury her best friend all in one week, Laurel struggles to keep the fears of her past from killing her future.

I should’ve known.

How could i be so stupid, stupid, stupid?

A house made of leaky windows and torn floors and thin doors didn’t protect. A husband made of muscle and love and patience couldn’t protect. A life carefully crafted to measure all risk, to stay inside the lines, to believe the storm didn’t hunt down the same victims over and over and over would never protect. I’d become complacent. Trusting my stupid rules to keep me stupidly safe. Safety was the biggest lie. I’d never be safe.

Never. Never. Never.

I would never forget again.

  • Gateway to the Best, 2015 - Finalist
  • Golden Rose, 2015 - 2nd Place
  • Indiana Golden Opportunity, 2015 - 3rd Place

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