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Developmental Editing for Authors

What is a developmental edit?

Have you ever received feedback from a contest, agent, editor, or critique partner that mentioned things like:

  • Unbelievable conflict
  • Unlikeable characters or characters they didn’t connect with
  • Passive voice
  • Weak plot elements

Or maybe they just didn’t connect with your story, but couldn’t put a finger on why.

A developmental editor addresses overall story elements like these. Developmental editors are focused on your story structure and content, and help you make marketable story decisions. We look at your story as a whole, then work with you to strengthen the elements of your story.

What are your qualifications?

As a multi-award-winning author, I know a thing or two about what makes a story work. Story structure, characterization, active voice, organic conflict, tension, emotional growth, and plot flow are areas in which I excel.

Additionally, I’ve worked with multiple authors through the writing cruises I lead, have attended a total of six Margie Lawson Immersion courses, have taught Margie Lawson’s workshops through Cruising Writers Writing Retreats, and have worked with traditionally published and self-published authors through critiques and collaborations.

When selecting an editor, you should choose an editor who is well versed in your genre, as all genres have certain norms and standards which should be taken into consideration. I work with authors of all genres with the exception of early readers and children’s chapter books (books of 10,000 words or less), science fiction, and erotic novels.

What is included in a developmental edit?

I’ll include a 5 to 15 page in depth editorial review, plus comments on your manuscript.

Because I believe strongly that every author needs encouragement, we’ll start there. I’ll review the strengths of your manuscript and writing style and identify the elements of your story that work well.

Next, I’ll address characterization, plot, story structure, pace, genre promises, and overall writing, and identify areas that need improvement and provide suggestions for taking your manuscript to the next level.

Within your manuscript, I’ll use track changes and comments to point out specific inconsistencies as well as scenes and sentences to improve with suggestions on how to improve. These comments are meant to provide additional insight to go along with the editorial review.

What is the typical turnaround time for a developmental edit?

I’ll spend between 2 and 4 weeks on your manuscript. After receiving your editorial review and marked-up manuscript, we’ll schedule a 30-minute phone call or chat session through Skype or Google Hangouts to review any questions or areas in which you need further clarity.

What are your developmental edit rates?

For a limited time, my rates are $0.025 a word with a $500 (20,000 word) minimum. This is below the industry standard of $0.04 a word as I am building my portfolio.

You may also request a 5-page sample of a developmental edit on your manuscript before contracting my services.

What happens after I implement the developmental edits?

Depending on the depth of edits suggested, you may want another look at your manuscript before sending it off to an agent, editor or before hitting publish on Amazon.

For a second read-through (only available to my developmental editing clients), you’ll receive up to two pages of editorial review as well as manuscript comments as appropriate.

Rates for this service are $0.01 a word.

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