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What is Love?

I’ve been reading across a lot of different fiction genres lately and I’ve come to notice something. Love isn’t a predefined thing. With this being the last week of February, the month of looove (said as cheesily as you can imagine in my best Barry White voice), I thought it’d be fun to tackle this little […]

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

I’m excited to participate in my first ever blog hop! Thank you Jennifer Windrow for including me in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop. The blog hop highlights new releases and introduces other authors. Jen is a talented writer, working on her current paranormal thrill ride, Evil’s Unlikely Assassin. Check out her and her vampire-goodness on […]

The Yumminess of Bean Burritos and Story Promise

Taco Bell bean burritos. They are yummy. They are packed full of protein. They stave off, ahem, hangry-ness. Sometimes they are the only thing standing between me and destruction. Definition – Hangry-ness a normal person who turns into a salivating monster when hungry She missed the exit for Taco Bell and her hangry-ness made her eat the […]