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Category / Siren Mythology

Enslaved at Sixteen

What really happened at Persephone’s abduction by the god of the Underworld? The Sirens were there. Was there a conspiracy? An inside job? Or negligence that allowed the abduction that changed the world to happen? Find out at Readerlicious┬átoday! Enslaved at Sixteen  

Siren Mythology – The Eleusinian Mysteries

I’m talking about the elusive Eleusinian Mysteries today over at Readerlicious. Come check out the pre-Greek Mason-type cult that celebrated Demeter and Persephone, a cult that kept its secrets so close, scholars and philosophers are still trying to unlock the mysteries.  

Siren Mythology – A Crabby Date

Melpomene, Muse of Singing, walked through the marble halls of her home set into the side of Mount Helicon. Walked past her favorite childhood hiding spot. The one none of her other eight Muse sisters had ever discovered. On the inner side of every hall, every room, the wall was carved rock. And full of […]

Greek Mythology – Siren Family Tree

I’m unraveling the Siren knot today at Check out some cool pictures of Sirens and Mermaids, and a Siren Family Tree to guide you through the tangle of Greek Mythology! is a site made by writers who love readers. Find your reading niche in our short stories, articles, and guest author interviews! The […]

Siren Mythology – The Beginning Muse

“C’mon Mel, he’s not that bad looking.” Melpomene, the Muse of Singing, looked around the circle of her eight Muse sisters, all nodding their heads in agreement with the delusional one. “You have got to be kidding. Have you been hanging out with Ate again?” Erato shuddered at the reminder. Ate, goddess of delusions, once […]

Unraveling the knot

Greek mythology is a complex world with a ton of threads and strings and ties and well, you get the picture. I’m grabbing hold of the Siren thread and following it back through time. And there are just way too many cool stories not to share with you. So over the next few months, I’ll […]

A Siren’s Voice

Sirens.┬áSeductresses. Mermaids. Monsters. All derived from just a few lines in Greek literature. And those few lines have influenced cultures around the world for centuries. But a few misconceptions have come as a result. One of the biggies is that a Siren is the same thing as a mermaid. Sirens Are Not Mermaids. In fact, […]