Sixteen-year-old Korrina Lore is second-in-command of Mischief and Mayhem, a private-school gang with a Robin Hood-esque mission of pranking the popular to protect the misfits. However, when she discovers she’s really a mythological Siren destined to break a three-thousand-year-old curse and save the world, her mission to prank becomes a mission to save.

In the end, Korrina must choose. Either ignore the prophecy at the cost of the Siren race’s existence. Or accept her destiny and save the world.

No matter what she chooses, someone she loves will die.

My fingers made a familiar trail over the image inked into my left wrist. Circle over the infinity curve of the snake eating its own tail. Up the blackened feather that lay across one curve. Then dug my nail into the middle of the other curve. Where the date was imprinted. So I could never forget.

A symbol of death, where death is an infinity, pierced by a burnt feather and the date of my first murder, illegally tattooed on my wrist when I was fifteen.

Dad had given birth to a purple-spotted cow.

  • Gateway to the Best, 2015 - Grand Prize Winner
  • The Lonestar, 2015 - 1st Place
  • The Rebecca, 2015 - 3rd Place
  • The Emily, 2015 - Finalist

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